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You can find exquisitely scented candles in White Hall, WV, by visiting This-N-That. Our highly fragranced candles and wax melts create a comforting, fresh, aromatic atmosphere for every occasion. Our dessert-scented fragrances are great for the winter holidays. If you want great summer smells, try out fruit and tropical-scented candles, wax tarts, and room sprays. You can even mix and match scents for your own unique fragrance, all to make your West Virginia home smell great! Stop by our shop at 57 Cory Road in White Hall, WV, and sample a few of our scents for yourself. For more information, call us at (304) 366-1115.

Visit This-N-That for a Great Selection of Amish Lights and Candles

Come to This-N-That for a great selection of candles. Our team offers some of the best candles, wax tarts, room sprays, and more to keep your home smelling its best. Whether you are looking for that fresh-out-of-the-oven cookie smell, or relaxing and comforting scents for your home, we have it. From Amish Lights Candles and more, we provide quality brands of candles, wax warmers, and room and linen sprays. Keep your home smelling fresh all year long with one of over 40 great scents available, including:

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Candle Berry Candles

Ceramic Fragrance Warmers

Amish Lights Candles

Amish Lights Wax Melts

Amish Lights Room Sprays

And More

This-N-That in White Hall serves the region with our impressive selection of wax melts and candles.

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Visit This-N-That for a Great Selection of Candles in White Hall, WV.